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TPMS light on in car dashboard

TPMS Light: Why Is It On & How Do You Fix It?

New warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard are never fun, but they usually come on for a reason, and you should never ignore them. The TPMS light alerts you when your tire pressure is too low, leading to uneven tire wear or failure.

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When to Replace Your Tires Graphic

Guide: Tire Treads

Tires are a critical element of your vehicle. Not only are they a major factor in handling, but they also help with overall performance and safety. Replacing your tires in

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Man Leaning on his Car in the Desert

Summer Driving & Road Trip Tips

Cars and heat don’t always go well together, which is why driving in record-breaking hot weather can be risky. Whether you’re going on a road trip or running errands around

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