How To Tell if You Need New Tires


How to tell if you need new tires? Your tire experts at Big Chief Tire have got you covered. We know the last thing you want is to put your family in a dangerous situation on the side of a busy highway. Avoid potential flats, blowouts, and issues by keeping track of the age of your tires and performing regular checks. Here’s how.

How To Tell if You Need New Tires

Tire Aging

The first step is to be aware of how old your tires are. Even if you don’t drive much, all tires have a shelf life. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your tires every six years, regardless of tread wear. 

There’s an easy way to check the age, even if you can’t remember. Every tire includes a marking for when it was made. The four-digit number located on the inner circle of the tire and to the right of the model number indicates the week and year this tire was made.

Tire Tread Depth

Your tire’s tread depth will tell you if you need to replace your tires. New tires have a tread depth of about 10/32 or 11/32 of an inch. With time and use, these treads wear down. When treads become too worn, they lose traction, making driving unsafe in certain conditions. Plus, it’s illegal to drive on tires that are worn too far (less than 2/32 of an inch).

Click here for an easy step-by-step guide to check your tire tread depth.

See our tire tread depth chart here for reference:

Tire Wear

The last thing to check is your overall tire wear. Tire treads should show wear evenly. If you see unusual wear, like only on the inside or only on the outside of your tires, it may indicate alignment or tire pressure problems. Other indications of tire wear may look like bubbles or bulges, sidewall cuts or cracks, or damaged valve caps. 

If these issues go unnoticed and unresolved, your tires and the overall safety of your vehicle can be compromised. Bring in your car for a tire replacement as soon as you notice this wear and tear. 

Easy Quiz to Check Your Tires

Still unsure if you need new tires? We’ve made it simple. Take our 5-question quiz to determine if you need new tires.

How To Choose Replacement Tires

There are many brands and styles of tires on the market. You’ll need to research what’s right for you. Factors to consider may include climate, highway travel frequency, location, and more.

For example, tires in Florida won’t necessarily need the same tread designs and compounds as tires in Colorado would. Consider the conditions you’ll be driving in before you pick your new tire set. 

Big Chief Tire has the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the right tires for the Florida weather.

Visit Big Chief Tire Shop in Jacksonville, FL for the Best Deals

New tires are an important investment, not only in your vehicle’s overall performance but also in keeping your family safe. When making this purchase, you want to work with a business you can trust to make the best decision. That’s why we recommend choosing a local tire shop in Jacksonville, FL, rather than a big-box company.

Customers across Jacksonville have trusted Big Chief Tire for the last four generations. We know your family costs more than tires ever will, but we understand how much of an investment this is. We are always willing to work with you to find a tire at a price that suits your budget.

Prevent accidents, keep your family safe, and get a great deal on new tires. Schedule an appointment with Big Chief Tire shop in Jacksonville, FL. 

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