Florida Weather and Your Tires

A close-up of a car's tire with water dripping off

Heat, humidity, and wet weather. While we all learn to live with our muggy Florida summers, our cars can’t adapt the same way we do. These conditions take a toll on the engine, battery, and other drivetrain parts. But our wet Florida weather is the hardest on our tires. It’s dangerous to drive on tires that break down too fast or skid out on wet roads. Fortunately, there are certain features that make some tires stand up to the rain and heat better than others. Make sure you’re using the best tires for our local conditions, and keep your car safe. 

Heat and Humidity

It’s important to find a tire that stands up well to heat and humidity. Tire pressure increases in hot weather, causing hazards for the driver. When you combine high heat with higher levels of humidity, tires swell and expand. This leads to friction between the tire and the pavement, increasing the chances of a tire blowout substantially. 


What Florida lacks in snow and ice during the winter months, it certainly makes up for in rainfall during the summer months. From the routine thunderstorm to more significant weather events, you’re bound to be driving in rainy weather throughout the Florida summer. Research shows that even tires with healthy tread wear can take longer to stop when the roads are wet. Hydroplaning is also a risk. It’s why when you’re driving in Florida, you need to consider tire performance beyond just high heat and humidity, but rain too.

The Best Tires for Florida Driving

The best tires for driving in Florida aren’t all-season tires or passenger tires, but Performance tires. These tires are designed with distinct grooves to help prevent hydroplaning and allow for prompt stopping on wet roads. Another good choice is all-season tires, which are designed specifically for hot climates and rainy weather. These tires offer deep treads to prevent hydroplaning while keeping a firm grip on the pavement. All-season tires also tend to be softer, which improves traction and better adjusts to hot weather conditions.

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