The 3 Services Big Box Tire Shops Always Try to Up-Sell You On (And Why You Probably Don’t Need It)

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Have you ever gone to a tire or auto repair shop for what you thought was an affordable service, only to be hit with a large bill in the end? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Many businesses in the auto repair industry aim to profit off of what you don’t know. This can often result in performing service your vehicle doesn’t need or talking you into costly up-sells. Here’s a look at three of the services your big box tire shop will try to up-sell you on:

New Tires for Flats

One common tire selling trick is attempting to sell you a brand new tire when you only need a repair. The reality is that many tire punctures can – and should – be repaired. In fact, per industry guidelines, punctures that are a quarter-inch or less in size are allowed to be repaired. You only need a new tire if the damage is in the sidewall of the tire, the damage is too large, the tire has been repaired too many times, or the tire is too old.

Replace All Four Tires

Unless your tread wear has worn to a depth of less than 4/32 of an inch or has sustained damage that cannot be repaired, you shouldn’t need to replace your tires. And if you do need to replace a damaged or excessively worn tire, it’s common for many tire shops to try to sell you a brand new set. Multiple new tires are usually only necessary if any existing tires are worn beyond 25 percent, and even then most vehicles will only require two tires to maintain even tread wear.

All Those ‘Extras’

Many tire shops will also often advertise low tire prices only to hit you with a much larger bill when you walk out the door. It’s a common sales tactic known as “bait-and-switch,” where businesses lure consumers in with the illusion of a low price only to tack on additional costs. Since the consumer is already in the shop and committed to the service, it can be difficult for them to say “no.” With tires, add-on costs can include installation, alignment, and hourly labor. Before beginning any services, ask for an estimate or inquire about what services might be included in whatever sales promotion they are pushing. 

Contact Big Chief Tire Today

At Big Chief Tire, our core values are honesty and integrity. We’ll never sell you on a service that you don’t need. We always commit to being fully transparent with our customers and explaining in detail why we’re suggesting certain services. In addition, we offer value-added service to our consumers, such as complimentary tire rotations. Contact us today for more information and to schedule an appointment for your tire and auto service needs.

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