Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

An auto technician rotates a tire on a car

Most people don’t understand how their tires affect the performance of the vehicle. But the fact of the matter is, the condition of your tires makes or breaks your car’s overall safety.  Tire rotations are one way to reinforce proper car maintenance.

What Are Tire Rotations?

Tire rotations manage tire tread wear. That’s the grating, scouring, and scraping that happens to your tires when driving over roads and rough surfaces. A tire rotation service moves each tire to a different position on the car’s axles to help the tires wear more evenly. The owner’s manual has instructions on how often the tires should be rotated. In most cases, the recommendation is every six months.

Why Should Tires Be Rotated?

Tire rotation helps reduce noise and vibration, extends the tire life, improves the way the vehicle handles itself on the road and protects the car’s warranty. Tire rotation usually provides a better driving experience.

The Dangers of Not Rotating

When the tires are not rotated, the treads will wear unevenly creating a rough and unstable driving surface. There are a few risks to consider.

Heat buildup

Too much heat can cause tire failures like blowouts and tread separation. This occurs when there isn’t enough space between treads.


If the tread depth is too low, the tires can lose traction causing the vehicle to skim across the top of the water or lose control.

Poor traction

Driving in winter climate conditions without proper tread increases the risk of sliding on ice or spinning out of control.


Accumulated spots on the tire that experience excessive strain can wear thin, making them easy to puncture.

Working with a local tire shop can help keep your car in good condition with hands-on attention. Remember, it’s really important to get your tires rotated on a consistent basis to ensure your car remains safe on the road. Schedule an appointment with Big Chief Tire, the tire shop that Jacksonville FL residents know, love, and trust to have their tires rotated today!

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