Symptoms of an Overheated Vehicle and How to Stop It

car hood open fixing overheated issue

One of the most common vehicle issues, especially during warmer months, is overheating. If your car does start to overheat, you’ll want to find an auto shop near you as soon as possible. Rest assured that the team at Big Chief Tire in Jacksonville, FL is standing by to assist. To avoid any serious situations and to stay safe, here are symptoms of an overheated vehicle and how you can stop the problem from progressing.

Signs Your Car is Overheating

Before your car threatens your safety, there will be warning signs that you should look for:

  • Steam coming from under the hood
  • Engine temperature gauge spiking or going into the red
  • Odd smell coming from engine

Here’s Why This Happens

You don’t need to be a mechanic to understand the main reasons for an overheated vehicle, which include:

Faulty Cooling System

The cooling system might be old or damaged and in need of replacement. For example, if you notice any leaking of cooling fluid, you’ll want to bring your car in for repair.

Radiator Issues

The radiator might have a severe build-up of debris, which compromises its ability to remove heat from the engine. If the radiator is cracked or otherwise not in good working order, replacing it can prevent future overheating issues.

Low Oil

It’s always a good idea to visit your mechanic to check the oil level on a periodic basis, replenishing it so oil is always topped off. If your car overheated because of this problem, it serves as a reminder to schedule oil changes and mark them on your calendar.

Failing Water Pump

It might be time to replace your water pump. Its failure to operate can lead to overheating and eventual vehicle damage that could be irreparable.

How to Stay Safe

Your safety is at risk when dealing with an overheated vehicle. Follow these tips to say safer.

Don’t Panic

In this situation, it’s essential to remain calm. A panicky motorist is more likely to be distracted and hit by oncoming traffic.

Turn the A/C Down and Turn the Heat Up

This helps pull heat away from the engine, and instead filter it into the passenger and driver space.

Safely Pull Over

Your next step is to pull over to the side of the road as soon as possible. Be careful to stay clear of any traffic and use your blinking signals as you change lanes.

Add Coolant

Use coolant if you have some already stored in your vehicle’s trunk, or see if you can buy some coolant from a nearby store if available.

Restart the Engine

As your car starts to cool down, you can try restarting the engine, to see if you can get back and running for a trip to the mechanic. Otherwise, contact a towing service to bring your vehicle in for inspection and repairs.

Address the Issue of Your Car Overheating With the Professionals at Big Chief Tire Today

When steam is pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle or the dashboard’s engine temperature gauge is heading into the red zone, you will need a professional’s help to address and fix your overheating vehicle. 

We’re glad that so many locals consider us to be the best auto shop in Jacksonville FL. A family-owned and operated tire and auto repair shop serving the community of Jacksonville, FL since 1961, Big Chief Tire is devoted to keeping our customers’ vehicles in tip-top shape.

You can count on our team to maintain the safety and durability of your car. Contact us to schedule an appointment to address your overheating car problem today.

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