Smart Driving Tips to Extend the Life of Car Brakes

Through regular maintenance, car owners can ensure their vehicle’s brake system is operating at top capacity. A quality brake system can reduce the risk of accidents and enhance safety on the road. By being diligent to service their vehicle when needed, consumers will have less trouble with expensive brake repair jobs in Jacksonville, FL. Smart driving habits can also help to extend the lifespan of a vehicle’s brake system. Here are just a few ways in which drivers can protect their brakes.

Drive within Speed Limit
By driving within the speed limit, drivers can avoid having to stop suddenly for changing lights or to avoid other vehicles that cross their path. Slamming on brakes for sudden stops generates friction and heat on brake pads, causing them to wear down faster.  People who drive within the speed limit will be able to slow down easier without putting a strain on their brakes. Careful driving is a plus when it comes to preserving a brake system’s lifespan.

Avoid Riding Brakes
Some drivers have the habit of riding their brakes, especially when driving down steep hills. The more pressure people place on their brakes, the quicker they wear down their brake pads. Rather than ride the brakes, drivers can release the accelerator when descending hills and apply brakes in short spurts to slow the vehicle down. This reduces friction and heat that causes wear and tear on brake pads.

Inspect Brakes at First Sign of Trouble
Many car owners have the bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair. As long as the vehicle is running, they figure they can wait a little longer to undergo routine checkups, have their oil changed, etc. People who forgo regular brake inspections when needed may face having to do major brake repairs later on. Driving with worn or faulty brakes also increases the risk of accidents. At the first sign of trouble, drivers should have their brakes checked for their own safety as well as to avoid the risk of extensive damage to their brake system.

Flushing the vehicle’s brake fluid during servicing will also help preserve brake components so that they last longer. Brake fluid helps lubricate a vehicle’s brakes, making them function more effectively. By working with a qualified mechanic, drivers can ensure their brakes are well serviced and maintained to work at top capacity.

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