Selecting the Right Tire Size for Your Car

When choosing the right tire for your vehicle and lifestyle, let our qualified team help. It is crucial that your tires’ size follows all safety protocols. This will ensure your car stays well-maintained and lasts longer with fewer issues. Save money and avoid unnecessary repairs with Big Chief Tire

Selecting the Right Tire Size

When selecting your tire size, there are several factors to consider. New tires should be the same size, load index, and speed rating specification as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Failure to consider these recommendations can compromise your vehicle’s performance and durability. It may also result in costly repairs. 

Replacement tires should not be smaller in size or load-carrying capacity than the original specification. Be sure to reference the documentation provided with your vehicle to ensure that your new tires meet all safety standards. 

How to Read Tire Size

Understanding tire sizing can be tricky, but Big Chief Tire is here to help. The diagram below details how you can read tire measurements yourself. The letters and numbers on your tire’s sidewall indicate vehicle type and tire width attributes. They also indicate more in-depth features like aspect ratio, construction, RIM diameter, load index, and speed rating. 

Tire Size Affects Safety and Performance

Selecting the correct tire size is vital to maintaining optimal performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. We recommend that you replace all four tires at once. Replacing a single tire can negatively impact your vehicle’s suspension or transmission and possibly cause extra wear to your tire tread. 

Always ensure that your tire size selection complies with vehicle documents and manufacturer recommendations. If the combined wheel and tire diameter are incorrectly matched, there may be drastic differences in ride height and speedometer readings. Submit a tire quote request with Big Chief Tire to find your vehicle’s right tire brand and size. 

Don’t forget, whichever new tires you choose, you will need to stay on a tire rotation schedule and keep up with important tire maintenance. New tires from Big Chief Tire come with complimentary tire balance and tire rotation—just one of many ways we show our customers we care.

Shop New Tires at Big Chief Tire

Save time and money spent at a big box dealership and choose Big Chief Tire for your new tires or repair service. Our mechanics are committed to finding the best tire type and shape to match your car’s needs. This allows you to drive safely and issue-free. Make an appointment with us today—an auto repair shop you can trust.

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