Employee Spotlight: Paul Conrad 

Paul Conrad

At Big Chief Tire, we’ve proudly served the Jacksonville community for over 60 years, all thanks to our dedicated and compassionate team members. Westside Assistant Manager Paul Conrad exemplifies these values on a daily basis. 

With a passion for serving customers and leading his team, Paul brings a personalized touch to the tire buying and auto service experience. We sat down to learn more about his background, his journey to join the Big Chief team, and his commitment to fostering a family-style atmosphere for customers and employees.

A Journey to Purpose and Leadership

Paul grew up in a close-knit community in central Florida, where he developed strong values and a solid work ethic from his hardworking parents. After living in multiple states, he eventually returned to Jacksonville, where he met his wife, Mel, and started building their family. 

Paul’s career path has been shaped by his desire to make a positive impact and lead others. After working in a hospital system in Louisville and Jacksonville, he embarked on a new journey as a pastor in a local church. 

While the challenging experience provided invaluable lessons and personal growth, Paul sought a role aligned more closely with his skill sets to allow him to flourish as a leader. It was then that he reconnected with his old friend, Big Chief Tire President Reed Parman. 

New Beginnings at Big Chief Tire

Immediately recognizing his potential, Reed offered Paul a sales advisor position, knowing it would be a perfect fit. Because of Paul’s unique ability to engage with customers and share genuine care for their needs, he was promoted to an assistant manager role soon after. 

“I never thought I would end up in this industry, but learning how we do things here allowed me to care for people in the best way that I could,” said Paul. “Being captured by the Big Chief vision pushed me to strive for the next level of leadership, where I could help my team uphold all the values we stand for.”

In his new role, Paul finds joy in the diversity and unpredictability of each day. “Our customers put a lot of trust in us, to tell the truth, and I love leading our employees to do that for them,” he said. Paul strives to create a culture where customers and employees feel valued and supported, recognizing the importance of honesty, trust, and going above and beyond for customers.

Paul’s Role and Responsibilities

As the Assistant Manager at Big Chief Tire’s Westside auto shop, Paul wears many hats and juggles multiple responsibilities. He oversees the sales team, ensuring they deliver exceptional service to customers. 

He also plays a crucial role in managing the workflow within the shop, focusing on efficiency, safety, and a positive experience for every customer. Mentoring and coaching team members, Paul strives to foster growth, ensuring they receive fair compensation and helping them flourish in their careers.

The true joy of his role lies in the power of teamwork and the satisfaction of seeing customers leave with a smile. “When the team clicks and works seamlessly together, it creates a special experience,” he said. “Especially when we know it played a part in a positive experience for a customer.” 

The Big Chief Tire Difference

According to Paul, an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing is what sets Big Chief Tire apart from the rest. “The company values transparency, treating each customer as an individual rather than a number,” he said. 

Big Chief’s leadership team prioritizes personal connections, taking the time to know employees and their families on a personal level. This family-oriented approach fosters an environment where employees feel valued and supported, and it’s why Paul stays. 

Unlike many other tire shops, Big Chief closes its doors on weekends, giving team members time for personal commitments and rejuvenation. “There is a real pathway for growth here if you want it,” said Paul. “Whether you want to be a mechanic or be in sales or leadership, we promote from within, and the opportunities are limitless.”

The Trusted Choice in Jacksonville, FL, for Tires and Auto Care

“When customers bring their car to Big Chief, they know they’ll get a truthful answer and quality work,” said Paul. “If we ever mess up, we take responsibility and make up for it. We are the only place to come for tires, preventative maintenance, and repair services in Jacksonville.”

Paul is deeply thankful for Kelsey and Reed Parman, the driving forces behind Big Chief Tire, as they have created countless opportunities for people like him to find a meaningful home within the company. “I love everything they’ve put into this place,” he said. Paul’s commitment to quality service and leadership keeps Big Chief Tire rolling. We’re thankful for the impact he has had on our team and the satisfaction of our customers of over 60 years. When you make an appointment at our Westside location, say hi to Paul.

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