Big Chief Tire Employee Spotlight: Michael Brown

employee spotlight Michael Brown

At Big Chief Tire, we’re proud of our team’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers in the Jacksonville community. Employees like Michael Brown, Assistant Manager of our Southside/Philip’s Highway location, exemplify these values daily. 

We sat down with Michael to learn more about his background, current role, and what truly sets Big Chief apart from the rest.

From Kitchen Manager to Auto Enthusiast

Michael’s story begins in the heart of Clay County, in Green Cove Springs, Florida. From a young age, he developed a strong work ethic while working in various roles in restaurants, where he eventually became a kitchen manager. 

He honed his leadership skills for five years and learned the art of keeping a kitchen running smoothly. However, like many, Michael’s life took an unexpected turn when the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the hospitality industry.

It was then that his career in the automotive industry began at a big corporation. “Because of my leadership experience, I was able to move up to a manager role fairly quickly,” he said. “But I wanted to work for a more family-oriented company that provided a better support system.”

New Beginnings With Big Chief

When Big Chief approached Michael with a management opportunity, our company’s commitment to our employees and customers stood out to him. “Big Chief seemed like a great company to work for,” he said. “It was clear that there was a lot of love in that shop.”

In March 2023, he joined our Philips Hwy team as an assistant manager. Since then, his initial impressions have been proven to be true. “The transition was eye-opening for me,” he said. “Everyone helps each other, everyone is respectful, we all understand our common goals, and we all care.”

Navigating Challenges and Providing Support

For Michael, every day at Big Chief is an adventure. “My role basically consists of putting out fires,” he said. “From maintaining day-to-day operations to helping with background work, my goal is to provide all employees with someone to lean on.” 

He serves as a pillar of support for all employees, helping technicians, assisting service advisors in building quotes, addressing customer concerns, and taking care of various tasks to ensure a well-run shop.

Michael’s daily tasks encompass everything from handling vehicle issues to maintaining a clean and organized shop. He plays an integral part in maintaining customer satisfaction, including reading and responding to reviews and ensuring the shop’s cleanliness.

Commitment to Making Customers Happy

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Michael’s role is seeing customers leave the shop with smiles of satisfaction. When the team comes together to deliver exceptional service, it’s a gratifying experience.

“I take pride in knowing that our employees will be 100% honest with our customers about their vehicle and what it needs,” he said. “We won’t sell you anything you don’t need – we’ll be transparent, and your service will be cheaper.”

Goals for the Road Ahead

Since joining Big Chief in March, Michael has set his sights on personal and professional growth. He aims to support his current manager’s career growth, seeing the great potential in his leadership. Eventually, Michael hopes to step into his manager’s shoes and follow in his footsteps as store manager.

“At Big Chief, you always have someone to call and help you tackle tough problems,” he said. “Here, you feel like you’re valued. It’s small stuff; they give us holidays off, and closing on weekends shows they care about their employees’ work-life balance. It’s a refreshing difference from most shops.”

The company’s growth trajectory aligns with Michael’s aspirations, and he intends to stay for the long haul. His vision includes evolving into an operations manager and overseeing multiple stores as he takes on more responsibilities.

Outside of the Shop

Michael is happily engaged and shares his life with a furry companion, a cat named Cooper, and a beloved dog, Sage. Their journey together, overcoming a challenging leg injury when Sage was just a puppy, taught Michael valuable lessons about responsibility and commitment. 

Outside of work, Michael is an avid angler, often venturing offshore with his fiancée’s father. When he’s not at the Big Chief shop, you’ll likely find him casting a line.

The Trusted Choice in Jacksonville, FL, for Tires and Auto Care

Michael expresses heartfelt gratitude for the life-changing opportunity Big Chief Tire has offered him, facilitated by a recommendation from a former colleague, Chris Long. His journey exemplifies the potential for growth, transformation, and enduring success within this remarkable organization.

With a legacy of service since 1961, Big Chief Tire is a trusted and community-focused institution in Jacksonville, offering quality automotive service and a deep sense of loyalty to the city.

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