5 Signs Your Car Battery Is Failing

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It’s happened to all of us, you’re running late or jumping in the car for a fun family road trip when your car battery fails, and you don’t have another vehicle ready to go. While it’s a normal occurrence, most people don’t recognize the tell-tale signs until it’s too late. Knowing the signs and symptoms of a faulty battery that may be on its last legs can save you time and money. These 5 signs will help determine if your car battery is failing:

Dim Headlights

When your car battery is failing, it won’t be able to power the electrical components to their full capacity. If your headlights seem dim or a little weaker than usual, your battery could be compromised. Dim headlights create danger on the road, so make sure to check your battery ASAP.

Slow to Start

This is a classic indicator that your car’s battery is almost dead. If you’re turning the key and the engine cranks making a whirring noise longer than usual before starting, something’s wrong. If this occurs, bring in your vehicle to get the battery tested.

Clicking Sound When Turning the Key

When the key turns the ignition, the battery sends a current to the start solenoid. If the battery is failing, the electrical current will be weak, hindering the current. When the starter receives reduced or insufficient power, it leads to a clicking noise you may hear when turning the key. If this is happening, check the battery.

Old Battery

If your battery is a few years old, it may be nearly dead. Batteries drain over time for many reasons. Look for the sticker indicating the month and year when the battery was replaced and get it tested.

Car Backfiring

A failing car battery can cause intermittent sparks. These sparks can lead to an accumulation of fuel on the cylinders causing your car to backfire. There are additional factors that can cause backfiring, so getting the battery tested may eliminate it from the list.

Finding a good auto shop in Jacksonville, FL that residents know and trust is the key to ensuring your car remains in the best condition. Remember, if your car has dim headlights, is slow to start, makes clicking noises when turning the key, is running on an old battery, or backfiring, it’s time to take it to a pro. Schedule an appointment with Big Chief Tire to have your battery tested today!

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