Employee Spotlight: Andrew Wilson

A collage of Andrew Wilson's photos

Andrew Wilson is the shop manager at our Phillips highway location. Andrew is punctual, dependable, and almost always the first employee on the property to get the store up and running! Andrew came on board with the BCT team when Steve Bennett was still managing the Phillips Hwy Store. Andrew would tell you that caring for customers “the way Steve always did” is something he will always make a point to maintain! Andrew says that keeping customers safe is his top priority for the shop he runs! Andrew leads by example, is respected by his teammates, and can always be found doing the right thing!

Andrew has a beautiful family, enjoys all things motorcycle, and he likes to eat at Outback on the weekends!

Andrew, you are an asset to the BCT team, and your dedication and hard work never goes unnoticed! Thank you for all you do to make BCT what it is today!

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