Driving Change: Supporting Jacksonville Families Battling Cancer 

bct & v for victory

After the recent opening of our fifth location in Orange Park, the Big Chief team was presented with a meaningful opportunity. When non-profit organization V for Victory approached us to continue a partnership initiated with our location’s former residents, All Starz, the choice was easy.

We’re helping families battling cancer find some reassurance by offering basic car maintenance services while using our annual back-to-school drive to gather supplies that will prepare them for a successful academic year. We’re showing that businesses and charities can come together for a greater purpose.

Lending a Helping Hand to Local Families Battling Cancer

Cancer can bring many challenges for families emotionally, physically, and financially. By teaming up with V for Victory, we’ve offered practical support to families facing these hardships. This assistance allows them to concentrate on their loved ones without worrying about transportation issues. 

We’re not just servicing cars through our new partnership; we are providing a supportive community for those who need it most. Families referred by V for Victory can find reliable solutions for their car maintenance needs at all five Big Chief Tire locations. 

Empowering Families Through Our Back-to-School Drive

Education is crucial, especially for families dealing with cancer. That’s why our commitment to the Jacksonville community extends beyond car maintenance. We’ve also partnered with V for Victory to help with their annual back-to-school drive

Families facing financial struggles due to cancer have received essential school supplies and backpacks, ensuring their children start the academic year with the confidence they deserve. This event is near and dear to our hearts, and we look forward to its continuation for years to come.

Give Back With Big Chief 

As we move forward, our partnership with V for Victory reminds us of the positive change that can arise when people unite with a shared purpose to make a difference in the lives of families battling cancer. 

By coming together to provide much-needed resources, we hope to send a powerful message of solidarity and empathy to those dealing with cancer’s challenges. Visit VforVictory.org today to learn how you can be a part of our mission to give back and change lives.

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