4 Reasons to Use a Locally-Owned Tire Shop

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National tire brands lure customers in with the promise of great deals, but a lot of times you end up not getting what you paid for. Sometimes they’ll even try to convince you that you need something else, when you really don’t. Local stores pride themselves on providing the most transparent customer service possible. Find out just a few of the reasons why it pays to buy local the next time you need a repair made to your vehicle. 

Support your community’s economy

Shopping locally boosts your area’s economy, which is ultimately good for everyone in the community. The #shoplocal movement has been on the rise especially due to COVD-19 shutting a lot of them down. People have begun to realize the benefits of investing back in their own community, supporting job creation, and contributing to a thriving society. By buying local you have an opportunity to help out your neighbors and get great service will saving yourself money.

Get comprehensive and competitive price estimates

With online mega-retailers getting into the business of selling tires, many people have been tempted to turn to the web to find the lowest price possible. Everyone likes to save, but it’s important to remember that the replacement tires themselves only make up a part of the true cost of the whole job. You’ll have to price out the cost of mounting and balancing the new tires, disposing of the old ones properly, and more. By going to your local tire shop, you can receive an inclusive price estimate that will show you how much you will pay for everything you need so you can budget and shop with confidence. 

Benefit from access to a large inventory

The big national tire retailers tend to stock the brands and sizes that sell the best, and usually, that means more stock of the standard tires for the most popular car models and less room for others. They also generally have corporate regulations that dictate how much of certain kinds of tires they should be stocking at any given time. That means you might have some trouble if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary. Compare that to your local tire shop, where we have built strong relationships with our suppliers and will work with you to get the right kind of tires for your needs. 

Take advantage of personalized service

The national big-box retailers are simply no match for quality local tire shops when it comes to service. To their corporate management, you are just a line on a spreadsheet, but the best independent shops will always go out of their way to provide a personalized customer experience every time you walk through the door.

At Big Chief Tire, we’ve been helping drivers throughout the Jacksonville area get quality tires and great service for over 50 years. Our shop has been owned by our family for four generations, and we are proud to be a part of the Jacksonville community. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our service professionals or find the perfect tires for your vehicle. 

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