Employee Spotlight: Nate Cass

Nate Cass, Operations Manager

At Big Chief Tire, we pride ourselves on the people who make our company a trusted and respected name in the Jacksonville community. We sat down with Operations Manager Nate Cass to discuss his wealth of experience and strong commitment to customer service.

A Glimpse into Nate’s Life

Nate’s journey began in Virginia before moving to Jacksonville in 2005. His academic path led him to the University of North Florida, where he graduated with a degree in sports management. Before joining Big Chief Tire, Nate had a career deeply rooted in operations management. His experiences include 11 years at UPS and seven years at Natural Life, where he oversaw significant team expansion. 

Joining the Big Chief Family

A unique connection paved Nate’s path to Big Chief Tire. His choice was clear when his neighbor and running partner, Reed Parman, approached him and presented an opportunity. Reed recognized Nate’s ability to work effectively with people – he was just the right person to help standardize operational processes across all Big Chief Tire locations. 

Standardizing Excellence

As Big Chief’s operations manager, Nate Cass wears many hats. He’s the go-to guy for tire specialists, service techs, assistant managers, and store managers, ensuring they have what they need to succeed and maintain a smooth working environment. 

Since coming on board in 2022, Nate’s goal has been to make every Big Chief location feel the same so customers get the same top-notch service and experience no matter which location they visit. 

He has introduced many helpful process updates, like standardized ticket handling procedures and the use of color-coded bags for tickets. These changes have helped each Big Chief location follow the same high standards, from opening routines to closing procedures.

The Big Chief Difference 

What Nate loves most about his role is the direct interaction with customers. “I love educating and talking to them,” he said. “They come to us with a problem, and we do our best to solve it with transparency, and that’s what really separates us from competition.” 

To maintain this trust, Big Chief uses tools like digital vehicle inspections to educate and update customers. “We rolled out digital inspections to take photos of your car while we work, so you can see for yourself what’s going on,” he said. “There’s a stigma that mechanics are here to push unnecessary costs on you, but we don’t do that.”

Why Work at Big Chief Tire

For Nate, it’s the people who truly set Big Chief Tire apart. “Each month, employees have an opportunity to talk to us and work through anything,” he said. “That’s just an example of how committed  we are to making our team feel supported.”

Nate also enjoys his unique work schedule and pay plans. “There aren’t many people in the auto industry that get weekends off,” he said. “That’s huge for me – it means I can coach my son’s football team and have quality family time.” 

Why Choose Big Chief Tire for Your Vehicle?

As a longtime customer himself, Nate’s family has experienced Big Chief Tire’s dedication to excellent service firsthand. “Each store has great camaraderie,” he said. “We always want what’s best for the customer.”

Personal and Company Goals

Nate is dedicated to fostering career growth at Big Chief Tire. He hopes to continue standardizing processes and expand roles in new store openings to create more opportunities for his employees to advance.

In his personal life, Nate is a dedicated father of two boys and two girls. His primary hobby is staying active through running and working out. He also coaches his son’s tackle football team and unwinds by spending quality time with the family by the pool and watching football.

The Trusted Choice in Jacksonville, FL, For Tires and Auto Care

Fortunately, Nate’s solid trust led him to become part of the Big Chief team nearly two years ago. His passion for his employees and customers alike has made a significant impact on the level of service we provide in the community of Jacksonville. Schedule your car repair service at Big Chief Tire today to experience a team that treats you like family.

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