Does Improper Wheel Alignment Affect Vehicle Safety?

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Proper wheel alignment is necessary for a vehicle to handle well when driving. The risk of tire damage and accidents on the road increases when a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment. Regular wheel alignment inspections protect the life of a vehicle’s tires while enhancing vehicle safety. By recognizing the symptoms of misalignment, car owners can reduce the chance of ruining a new tire or set of tires in Jacksonville, FL. Here are some of the causes and effects of improper wheel alignment.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of your car’s suspension. The suspension allows the vehicle to synchronize with its wheels. The trick to a proper alignment is to adjust the angles of the tires which provides smoother contact between them and the road. If you’ve noticed uneven wear on the treads of your tires, your car pulling too far one direction or the other, off-center steering-wheel alignment, or a slight vibration of the steering wheel, you probably need to take your car in for a wheel alignment.


When a vehicle’s tires are aligned correctly, they rotate in a straight line. A car owner can accidentally knock their tires out of alignment by hitting a curb, driving over a pothole, or unexpectedly striking something on the road. Sometimes minor fender benders can result in wheels coming out of alignment.

Wheel misalignment causes the vehicle to become off-center, making it more difficult to steer. Vehicles that vibrate for no apparent reason or tend to veer to the side when driving could suffer from misalignment. Drivers will notice that it takes more effort to steer their vehicles in a straight line when wheels are not aligned properly.


Driving a vehicle with improper wheel alignment can cause uneven wear on the tires. If the problem is not corrected soon enough, a vehicle’s tires could suffer premature wear and tear, making them unsafe. Correct alignment problems immediately to avoid unnecessary tire damage.

Misalignment can put undue stress on a vehicle’s suspension. This poses a risk of damaging suspension components which could result in expensive vehicle repairs.

When driving at high speeds, wheel misalignment can cause difficulty in steering, increasing the risk of an accident. Tires that are out of alignment tend to drag to the side, forcing the driver to keep a hard grip on his or her steering wheel. Misalignment can adversely affect how a vehicle brakes and handles, compromising safety on the road.

Tire drag from misaligned wheels could also result in the vehicle consuming more fuel.

Smart drivers will tune into the signs of misalignment and take steps to correct the problem right away. By driving carefully, people are more likely to avoid accidents causing misalignment problems, enabling them to benefit from greater safety on the road.

Big Chief Tire Performs the Best Wheel Alignments in Jacksonville

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*This blog was updated on February 19, 2021, to include “What is a wheel alignment?” and “Big Chief Tire Performs the Best Wheel Alignments in Jacksonville.”

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