5 Signs Of An Oil Engine Leak

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A car’s engine can’t function without oil. Usually, vehicle-owners take their cars to the mechanic for regular oil changes. Sometimes, however, car-trouble happens out of the blue. You’ll notice your car stalling or overheating. These can predict low oil levels or even be signs of oil leak . 

All drivers should know routine oil changes are crucial to keep your car healthy and safe. But, the minute you spot any kind of oil under your car, it’s time for a check-up. 

Here are five signs of an engine oil leak for you to be aware of.


1. Dark Puddles Under Your Car

Don’t dismiss puddles on your driveway. Pools of oil will appear as yellow or dark brown, while pink puddles come from transmission fluid and green fluid comes from the coolant. A few droplets of oil once in a while are normal, but a puddle of oil shows you have a profound leak. Not only are you wasting money by allowing a leak to continue, but you also risk your engine overheating or being damaged.

2. Smoke From the Engine

When oil drips directly into the exhaust, your engine will begin to smoke. If this is left unaddressed for too long, your oxygen sensors or gaskets could be damaged which makes your vehicle even more unsafe. Watch for smoke and if you spot any, don’t wait to bring your car in to the mechanic.

3. Engine Overheating

When your vehicle overheats, you’ll know something isn’t right. Oil lubricates the engine, maintaining low heat since friction is minimized. An overheated engine is prone to seizing up, which typically results in major damage that requires replacement or repair. This is an easily avoidable problem solved by regular inspection and maintenance.

4. Smell of Burning Oil

Sometimes the smell of burning oil is the first sign of an oil engine leak. It’s not a matter to be taken lightly, and you should bring in your vehicle for service as soon as possible.

This highlights the importance of arranging for regular inspections. Even if your nose doesn’t detect burning oil, we will. You can count on our mechanics to notice the odor that comes from burning oil when you come in for service, such as for a routine brake inspection in Jacksonville FL.

5. Dashboard Oil Light

Busy car owners may think it’s okay to ignore dashboard warning lights, thinking it’s not a big deal and they’ll eventually get around to figuring out the problem. Even though it doesn’t directly indicate a leak, it does tell you when your oil levels are lower than normal. If you see the dashboard oil light has recently turned on, take it seriously and make an appointment for service. 

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