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flat tire

How to Fix a Slow Leak in a Tire

Slow tire leaks can have a variety of causes, but they may creep up on you quickly and compromise your safety on the road. Understanding the causes and diagnosis will help keep you safe.

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wheel suspension system

3 Tips to Avoid Car Suspension Problems

Understanding how your vehicle’s suspension performs is crucial to ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience. A vehicle’s suspension serves as the bridge between the vehicle and the road, impacting

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2022 Reflect
In the Community

Rollin’ Recap: Giving Back in 2022 & Plans for 2023

Ever since our family founded Big Chief Tire in 1961, we’ve been dedicated to the Jacksonville community. This is our home, and we’ve always believed it’s important to give back to our neighbors however we can. That’s why our mission is to Keep Jax Rollin’.

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TPMS light on in car dashboard

TPMS Light: Why Is It On & How Do You Fix It?

New warning lights on your vehicle’s dashboard are never fun, but they usually come on for a reason, and you should never ignore them. The TPMS light alerts you when your tire pressure is too low, leading to uneven tire wear or failure.

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Employee Spotlight: Kenny Bennett
Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Kenny Bennett

As a company that has taken great pride in serving the Jacksonville community for the past 60+ years, we know none would be possible without our fantastic team carrying out the day-to-day operations. 

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