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wheel suspension system

3 Tips to Avoid Car Suspension Problems

Understanding how your vehicle’s suspension performs is crucial to ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience. A vehicle’s suspension serves as the bridge between the vehicle and the road, impacting

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2022 Reflect
In the Community

Rollin’ Recap: Giving Back in 2022 & Plans for 2023

Ever since our family founded Big Chief Tire in 1961, we’ve been dedicated to the Jacksonville community. This is our home, and we’ve always believed it’s important to give back to our neighbors however we can. That’s why our mission is to Keep Jax Rollin’.

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mechanic inspecting car

Is It Time for a Ball Joint Replacement?

Ball joints are small parts that are essential to your vehicle’s safety. They provide your vehicle with flexibility, allowing you to steer your front wheels and prevent drifting while driving. Keeping your ball joints well-maintained keeps you safe and helps your car’s overall longevity.

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