Lift Kit Dos and Don’ts

A closeup of an off road trucks wheels

Lift kits make it easy to amp up your vehicle. They’ll raise your truck high off the road, fueling you with power and a great view over shorter cars and trucks. Most of these kits will raise a truck or SUV by one to three inches using spacers between the vehicle’s body and frame. Another option is suspension lift kits, which will let you raise a truck as high as you’d like.

If you’re considering lifting your truck or SUV, here are some things to help guide you to choose whether or not you should get a lift kit—and how high to go if you do opt for a lift!

Go to a Professional for Installation

One of the most important things to remember about a lift kit is that it fundamentally changes how a vehicle handles. The ride itself, the steering, and the handling will all feel different. These changes put unusual stresses on the vehicle as opposed to the vehicle’s original design. Note that an improperly installed lift kit can damage the suspension, the frame, or the body. That’s why you need someone with the knowledge to do it with your vehicle’s exact specifications in mind to avoid needless damage down the road.

Choose the Right Height

Lift kits are good for off-roading because they offer more clearance for the tires, which is handy for bumpy terrain. There are several heights to choose from, ranging between 1.5 to 6 inches. The higher you go, the more expensive the lift will be because it will require more work to install.

Choose the best lift kit for your needs. If you will only take the vehicle off-road once in a while, a 1.5-inch lift kit may be all you need. If the vehicle will be used for off-road excursions all the time, however, then you may want that 6-inch suspension lift kit. 

Keep Day-to-Day Use in Mind

Remember to think about how it will feel to use that lifted truck. If this is a vehicle you’ll be driving to work each day, will you enjoy climbing the extra height into the cab? How will it handle on your commute? Take these factors into consideration before making your choice. In general, because they are shorter, body leveling kits will be less intrusive for handling and height—which means they may be the better option if you plan to use the truck or SUV regularly.

Think you need a lift kit? Get in touch with Big Chief Tire! We can set you up with an appointment to discuss your needs and help you decide if a lift kit is what you need. Or, perhaps you’ll be better off with something like a leveling kit. Whatever you plan to do with your truck, we’ll give you an honest assessment to help you make the right choice.

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