How Do Suspension Lift Kits Work & What Are the Benefits?

Jeep with suspension lift kit

Are you looking to add a little something extra to boost the appearance and performance of your truck or SUV? You may be able to reach greater heights of adventure and style with the addition of a suspension lift kit. In addition to turning heads, suspension lift kits offer advantages beyond visual appeal: they can improve the quality of your cruise in a variety of ways. 

The lift kit you’re looking for may vary depending on the model and height of your truck or SUV, so it’s important to distinguish which one fits your vehicle best—and get it installed by a trusted mechanic. Read on to learn more about suspension lift kits and installation.

What is a Suspension Lift Kit & How Do They Work? 

Suspension lift kits are a custom modification for a truck or SUV that raises the overall height of a vehicle, giving extra inches of ground clearance. Adding a suspension lift kit to your ride allows you to navigate or avoid road obstacles with greater ease than a factory setup. As a result, the vehicle’s off-road performance can improve substantially. 

A suspension lift kit comes with all the parts needed to lift a specific vehicle model. It works by raising the suspension of the vehicle’s height using larger shocks, axels, and CV joints up by several inches. By investing in a suspension lift kit, you’ll have a greater ability to avoid various hazards than a non-lifted vehicle. Plus, you can enjoy stellar views and comfort from a higher ride height.

The Benefits of Adding a Suspension Lift Kit 

Adding a suspension lift kit to your vehicle comes with a lot of perks, including a smoother drive, easier access to the underbody of the truck, and safer everyday driving. Other advantages of suspension lift kits include: 

  • Better road visibility.
  • Better off-road performance
  • Ability to fit bigger tires for better off-road performance.
  • Add style to your truck.
  • SUVs and trucks equipped with suspension lift kits have a higher resale value. 

In other words, investing in a suspension lift kit will pay off in the long term. You can make a dramatic change to the appearance of your vehicle, improve its performance and increase its value all in one service.

Why Choose a Mechanic for Installation

Anytime you modify your vehicle, you have to use caution. Because suspension lift kits change the vehicle’s raised center of gravity, safe operating angles and road handling can be reduced. This can cause potential safety issues for you and your vehicle. Truck and SUV owners should not try to DIY a lift kit installation without significant prior experience. 

Finding a trusted and reliable mechanic to complete the installation is crucial. A mechanic can discuss your brand options, costs, and give you a crash course on the do’s and don’ts of lift kits. They’ll also ensure everything is installed properly and safely, so you’ll have no issues down the line.

Trust Big Chief Tire to Do the Job Right 

A suspension lift kit is a careful investment. No one wants to get the runaround from shops that may waste your time and money along the way. Unfortunately, dealers and big-box shops often pad their bills in ways that take advantage of customers, especially when adding custom upgrades to vehicles. 

You don’t have to settle. For over 50 years, Big Chief Tire’s highly qualified professionals have been servicing Jacksonville with integrity and fair pricing. Our smaller shop environment offers a more personalized approach to customizing your vehicle with care and concern. 

Get ready to elevate your life. Take the performance of your vehicle to the next level and ride in style with the addition of a suspension lift kit. Before you Google “who installs lift kits near me,” look no further than Duval’s favorite auto technicians and be sure to give Big Chief Tire a call to start your dream design process today. 

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