Employee Spotlight: Sue Parman

January 4th, 1966 was a good day for Big Chief Tire Company! Sue Paul came in as a clerical assistant to Dorothy Parman. Together they used their organization skills and expertise to create the bookkeeping process that we still use to this day. Sue laughs when remembering the days of using an adding machine thatread more

Employee Spotlight: Robert Childress

In the year 2000 the top movie at the box office was “Cast Away”, Christina Aguilera released the top hit “What a girl wants”, and we lived in a world without iPhones. But, in the year 2000 Robert Childress joined the family at Big Chief Tire! Robert is a go-getter at our Normandy location. Heread more

Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Lewis

Say hello to our November employee spotlight, Cheryl Lewis. Cheryl has been with our team for 27 years! Cheryl’s organization plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of our company. It can be said that a piece of paperwork isn’t really lost until Cheryl says it’s lost! If you talk to Cheryl for veryread more

Employee Spotlight: Kenny Smith

Today we celebrate our October employee spotlight, Kenny Smith! Kenny is a team player at our Big Chief Tire – Blanding location. Kenny is a knowledgeable tire technician that comes to work every day with a great attitude and work ethic! His favorite part about his job is the differences in the vehicles he getsread more