Employee Spotlight: Robert Childress

In the year 2000 the top movie at the box office was “Cast Away”, Christina Aguilera released the top hit “What a girl wants”, and we lived in a world without iPhones. But, in the year 2000 Robert Childress joined the family at Big Chief Tire! Robert is a go-getter at our Normandy location. Heread more

Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Lewis

Say hello to our November employee spotlight, Cheryl Lewis. Cheryl has been with our team for 27 years! Cheryl’s organization plays a key role in the day-to-day operations of our company. It can be said that a piece of paperwork isn’t really lost until Cheryl says it’s lost! If you talk to Cheryl for veryread more

Employee Spotlight: Kenny Smith

Today we celebrate our October employee spotlight, Kenny Smith! Kenny is a team player at our Big Chief Tire – Blanding location. Kenny is a knowledgeable tire technician that comes to work every day with a great attitude and work ethic! His favorite part about his job is the differences in the vehicles he getsread more

Employee Spotlight: Branden

Branden is a salesman at our Lem Turner location. Branden is celebrating two years, this month, with the BCT team! He works quickly and efficiently to make sure nothing but a smooth operation happens at Big Chief on the Northside! Branden enjoys taking care of customers, and making sure they always get his honest andread more