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Employee Spotlight: Dave Shrout

Honoring Dave Shrout’s retirement.

Employee Spotlight: Branden

Branden is a salesman at our Lem Turner location. Branden is celebrating two years, this month, with the BCT team! He works quickly and efficiently to make sure nothing but a smooth operation happens at Big Chief on the Northside! Branden enjoys taking care of customers, and making sure they always get his honest andread more

Employee Spotlight: Dan Mulay

Everyone, meet the guy who is literally the drive behind our day to day operation! This is Dan Mulay, our warehouse manager. If you are ever at one of our locations, and you wonder how we get tires so quickly from point A to point B this is the who behind the how! Dan isread more

Employee Spotlight: Robert

Robert gives it all he’s got at our Normandy location. He is a service technician who is knowledgeable and well equipped to make sure the job gets done right for you! Robert’s favorite part of the job is just that; working hard on your vehicles to make sure the problem you came in with isread more

Employee Spotlight: Al Rabulan

Say hello to our service technician, Al! Al works hard at our Big Chief Tire – Southside location, and he is a wonderful addition to our team! Al’s infectious smile, his ability to make sure the job is completed efficiently and in a timely manor, along with his customer first mentality is what makes himread more